Ninja’s Comming in November

Hey guys i went ontp cp everybodys was talking about ninja’s so i look on the map and it was so cool! but the dojo looked really wierd it was caused by the lightning  sorry i didnt get any pics becuz I factured my arm a little bit and i think ninja’s will be on cp soon….P.S if you see a guy called Heat Crow thats me(Im ussaully black sometimes i will ware a hard helmet.Theres a sign there theres a ninja next to the drill,You can get a hard hat,Go up the stairs for the dojo exibet you will see a sensei it’s weird though if you click on him his name will be ????? its weird and if you look through the window inside the dojo you see a ninja here’s a Theory

The sensei trained the ninjas and now maybe the sensei will help us in mission 10 maybe the ninja’s betraid the sensei and will probarly help herbit and clutsy to get the puffles

~Blazedawn217 with a fractured arm~


One Response to Ninja’s Comming in November

  1. Josie of Flamingo says:

    yea ur probly right. cp is sorta really predictable, THE NINJAS ARE COMING THE NINJAS ARE COMING (well duh!)

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