best drawing competition!!!!

hey the contest is here!

best drawing wins alot of great prizes! but first heres what u do, u can draw it on paint, or you can draw it out and take a pic. just uploadi it to a pic site like photobucket or tinypic, or if you cant give me a link to ur site so i can see it in a post like for doggikings contest. and advertise my site so more ppl will enter the contest!

weeeeeee… well, the pizes include…

1st place

-1 free peng

-be my buddy forever

– be on my blogroll for a while

– gets to be a geust star in a TSD vid.

– gets a post for themselves

tose r first place! heres 2nd place!

– be my buddy for however long i decide (over 6 months)

– be in a normal non TSD vid with me.(only posted on my youtube)

-be on my blogroll for a week or more

those r the prizes! submit today!

and the person who advertises my site the most no matter if you enter or not, gets a free 680 about year old penguin!

so advertise my site if you dont wanna enter!

its kinda an advertising contest too! tell your friends, get your friends to tell their friends!

i will behaving another contest at 10,000 hits so help me out!

contest is at hurry! it ends this friday the 7th so hurry!



14 Responses to best drawing competition!!!!

  1. Blazedawn217 says:

    😥 I’ll never be the same 😥 Blazedawn217 got banned for 72 hours u know what that means 😥 it sometimes means bye bye but i hope not 😥

  2. Blazedawn217 says:

    well it will be another parilal journey to find u again doggiking and this is too much i might just quite

  3. Blazedawn217 says:

    well it will be another parilal journey to find u again doggiking and this is too much i might just quit

  4. Radio13579 says:

    oh i added an advertisement at my site

  5. Nice N Happy says:

    Heres mine I hope I Win !!! ☺☻

  6. prinplu30 says:

    i know in a great artist couse you and me won bikeboys contest ans i work hard bikeboys pic was hard i work 18 days in it couse he gave me time
    i may enter but i maybe not,im 12 im in art class sorry i need more time to enter

    TSD Member

  7. cpplaceforglitches says:

    doggiking i need help. how do u get the view thing on ur site? plz tell how

  8. ninpenguin7 says:

    i stink at painting on the computer so ill advertise lolz!

  9. applesandsand says:

    im putting u on my blog roll and will draw something cool.

    check out my site at http//

  10. applesandsand says:

    oh ya and i will advertize u

  11. doggiking says:

    oh to get it you click it, get the link, and add it as a text widgit

  12. ninpenguin7 says:

    im done advertising i put a vid on my blog and a vid on my youtube. I might do more……maybe! lolz

  13. cutiecat27 says:

    hey i hav 2 pics! u pick the best one 🙂

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