Halloween Party Cheats here

MWUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA 👿 im Blazedawn217 evil twin here!!!!With A SPOOOKY suprize For YOU!!! 😈 if you dare to be SCARED!!!! then go to CLUB PENGUIN!!!! MUWUWAHAHAHAHAHA now too TORCHER YOU!!!!! 😈 MWUWAHAHAHAHA it’s a maths problem i made it messy for you NOW YOUR EVEN MORE TORCHERED!! !!!MWUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😈

Here are the cheats for the Candy Hunt :

To begin with, go to the Snow Forts and get the candy bucket!

Now, click on the Jack O Lantern on the top right to get started!

For the first candy, go to the Snow Forts and click on the Blue Flag!

For the second candy, go to the Dance Lounge and click on the lamp!

For the third candy, go to the Lodge Attic and click on the blue box!

For the fourth candy, go to the Plaza and click on green liquid on the pot!

For the fifth candy, go to the Cove and click on the sign!

For the sixth candy, go to the Iceberg and click on the Northern Lights!

For the seventh candy, go to the Lighthouse Beacon and wait for the lighting to strike 3 times! Then, you can get the candy!

For the final candy, go to the Book Room and click on the book to get it!

Now Click on The GREEN Candle! 

Now You Can Go to The MAD SCIENTIST LAB!

 ~Blazedawn217’s Evil Twin~


4 Responses to Halloween Party Cheats here

  1. CONDORITO3 says:

    dude thxs man that helped a lot

  2. prinplu30 says:

    Hey Doggiking,Today Its My BirthDay

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