new pin and 3rd anaversary!

hey doggiking here!

just to tell you that… the 3rd anaversary is here!

and it has some cool things!

but heres the tricky part, in order to get the hats, you have to press

the red button on the fan! until next time…



9 Responses to new pin and 3rd anaversary!

  1. Blue Boy198 says:

    Can anyone visit my site i do post on it again! sorry haven’t been posting in a while though! My site is

  2. Blazedawn217 says:

    hey doggiking meet me on tundra right now so i can add u πŸ˜‰ P.S 380 more hits until 1000 for me but my hits grow quickly though πŸ˜€ well see u there

  3. Blazedawn217 says:

    oh ya meet me at the dock

  4. Blazedawn217 says:

    ow wait its 3 in the morning for you

  5. thesource00 says:

    go to the matterhorn dock at 11:45 cp time

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