Hey guys ive got some news about next week


First day(whole week):I will ask club penguin to a change for change thingy you can donate 1 cent,2 cents,5 cents or 10 cents.

Second day:Donating thing

Third day:Grand opening of Club penguin band

Fourth day:Donating thingy

Fith day:3rd Anourversity

Sixth day:Club penguin tv band edition(this might be added to a new page coming to this site)

Seventh day:Donating thingy

I hope you’ll enjoy next week 😀



15 Responses to News

  1. Radio13579 says:

    hey Doggiking can I be on ur blogroll ur on mine and im ur buddy in cp and i visit ur site alot and i think were pretty good friends! here’s my site:

  2. doggiking says:

    you have to let me think about it.
    if you have 1,000 since u r my friend ill add you

  3. Radio13579 says:

    thanks for adding me and thanks for the tip about pics! But it won’t let me upload them! whenever i’m uploading a picture, it doesn’t list them!

  4. doggiking says:

    yea thats because whenever you save it on paint, it says bitmap 34 or somethng like that. you have to change the file to jpeg or png.

  5. Radio13579 says:

    wait i THINK i might of gotten it…

  6. Radio13579 says:

    ok thanks i figured it out! Thank you sooooo much! Wow that’s going to change EVERYTHING! oh btw do u want to be an author on my site? that would be cool!

  7. Radio13579 says:

    happy halloween source!

  8. doggiking says:

    sure ill be an author
    happy halloween!

  9. Radio13579 says:

    ok um how do u make someone an author? lol im such a noob

  10. you go to dashboards, and than on the top right there is something that says users, click it. than you type in an email in the yellow box, and choose their role!

  11. Detroit87 says:

    Can you visit my site and comment back???


  12. Radio13579 says:

    ok thanks whats ur email? lol

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