new game sneak peek

here is the new game sneek peek!


they even put fevers name in the pic! hmmmmm…

well the game will be released friday!

The member’s igloos have change to look like this:

~waddle on~



4 Responses to new game sneak peek

  1. thesource00 says:

    alright i added u on please add me back and make sure u get the correct url

  2. rasnail78 says:

    hey doggiking your site rocks it gets better everyday keep up the good work!!


  3. *bm!$+* aka blackmist100 says:

    Your site is truly getting better each day. My site is also getting better it has a total of 30,500 hits. Check it out and comment if you can at

  4. whitemist101 says:

    Hi doggi, you commented on my site. I see my older bro commented. Cool. Black and I could make you an header for you if you want. Or do you just want to learn how to make headers? My friend uses photoscape but i don’t know how to use that. I just use I could just make you one if you like.

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