hi its doggiking i have other cp accounts
here they are-
they r all non- members but we can still have fun
i will go on at my usual times and i will go on these servers-
frozen (british server)
ice age
snow fort
iceland (british server)
and ice pond (canadian server)
i will be at the dock, town, pet shop, or cove look for my listed penguins up above
thx ur pal, doggiking


7 Responses to OTHER ACCOUNTS

  1. tren56 says:

    i e-mailed cp and this is wat they said


    Due to security reasons, we cannot discuss the details of another person\’s
    account with you. Please have your friend\’s parents email us using the email
    address used to create his/her account, and perhaps we can discuss this

    Feel free to email us with any further questions or concerns, and have a great

  2. doggiking says:

    whats the email?

  3. tren56 says:

    they said ur parents have to talk to them using the e-mail that created doggiking

  4. doggiking says:

    oh da@&
    iused my friends email!!!!!
    i will just call

  5. cosy7682 says:

    d*mn ain’t a swear word
    cr*p is though
    stop swearing

  6. doggiking says:

    hey tren good news im gettin unbanned

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