doggiking’s buddy list

u can get on it by going on mammot at 8:00 pst everyday i first go to the pet shop

10highbubble, 1nacho2rlin, 24bluey, 2goofykids, 50 cent fluf, 98 wash, alyssa 17, andrew pinge, angel pie97,  anna 525, baxtercutie, blue homie1, bluesmoof, bpenguin123, bubble pop55, captainpete2, catjhfjfdujj, condorito11, countrygal01, crazyazicain, cutienay, darreyell, dino 10, emma1661,  emrocket, greenone6, inky6541, jackie999999, jenn waddle, keke1227, kooky98, kuntrygurlz7, lilyo75, mamaphyfan20, minnie wish, morgmorgmo1, oneway56, penguiy girl, pinguino08, pj viljoen, prankey, redddy24, rose 700, shadow 09, shoomaid, sumoguy64, terra 119, tren56, xarina, xirishkingx, zevvers, zoetye         newer buddies-  lilpeanut521, weirgirl561, huessin, trytater, zai zai, cpmonster, catlove44


thats my buddy list inform me (comment me) if u want to be added =]


8 Responses to doggiking’s buddy list

  1. Emma says:

    can u make a post about me???

  2. Ashley says:

    HI this is ANgelpie97 thnx for adding me there

  3. redddy24 says:

    hi hi hi hi dude google search baxboy on clubpenguin plz it has a pic of me and bluey it rocks! and if u see me or 24bluey crowd us or talk to usplz we want to become a little famous! thanks pples and penguins

  4. doggiking says:

    thats cool redddy!
    i didnt know u and bluey knew each other!
    i know both of you too! ur both my buddy! wierd?

  5. sonicred8 says:

    hey im not there!

  6. Greenone6 says:

    Hey, I’m on your buddy list! 🙂 Cool site btw.

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